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Unfiltered Courage: Women's Networking Conference


On Friday, July 23rd, I stepped out on faith and welcomed an intimate group of purpose-seeking ladies to the Unfiltered Courage Women's Networking Conference 2021, and might I say, we had a great time! Since the launch of Valor + Vanity in 2018, I have been looking for a way to meaningfully connect and uplift young, professional women in the DMV beyond social media and blogging. This tribe of beautiful believers' sole focus is to create opportunities to share stories of faith and courage that inspire each of us to keep building equity and authority in our respective industries. With a canceled pandemic wedding venue fully paid for, a new home, and a baby on the way, I and a few of my key investors (named Babe, Mom, and Dad), backing my brand vision, the idea of the conference beautifully came to light!

Now, I've helped plan details of events in the past, but this one was mine...completely attached to my brand and bank account so I wanted it to be a success, naturally. I can honestly say that I obsessed over all the details from, food to florals, and ambiance to impact, and even the thought of if my guests would even notice or appreciate it. The overwhelming response was reassuring that all of the efforts that my team, in-kind sponsors, guest speakers, and vendors put into helping me deliver were acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

Florish Flowers & Decoration

There were moments during the last days of the event promo that I allowed my idea of success to be attached to how many tickets were purchased. Of course, I wanted to sell out, 1. to seek the highest return on investment, but 2. to collect highlight reel content to show followers why this was an event not to miss. Overall, I wanted to prove to my family that their investments would not go in vain. Stressed was an understatement! Y'all, your girl was waking up at 2:30 am most nights unable to sleep from all the anxiety that I was not going to be able to produce! God chin-checked me real quick to help put things into perspective. On one of those early mornings, God told me to "change my idea of success" and to pray the Serenity Prayer. I had to accept that I was not going to fill every seat. I had to put behind the fact that I did not receive the sponsorship feedback that I was originally seeking. In accepting what would not be, I was able to see that God was doing exactly what needed to be done and He was honoring my obedience even though I did not fully see it.


Through my revelation, I can say that this event was not only all that I imagined it would be, but it was truly a success! The amazing lineup of guest speakers, Chiereme Fortune, Maaden Eshete Jones, and Michelle McKinney poured into every woman in attendance! I was able to hire an all-female cast of vendors and ultimately, guests were able to able to network, promote their own brands and make connections with other like-minded businesswomen across different industries...and God got the glory!


To all of my guests, I appreciate your presence. I applaud you for taking this time to prioritize yourself. I pray you enjoyed the vibe that has been curated for you and that you left inspired to create new routines to promote wellness in your personal lives, that of your families, and your business. May you continue to meet, be inspired by, and prosper with other Proverbs 31 women for all your days to come. See you at the next Valor + Vanity event!


Latavia Alise

Shout out to my vendors!

  • Event Planner, Kat LaTorre @thetowerevents

  • Spoken Word Artist, Chiereme Fortune @Chieremewrites

  • Guest Speaker, Maaden Eshete Jones @lovemaaden

  • Guest Speaker, Michelle McKinney @michelle.mckinney

  • Live Music, DJ Farrah Flosscett @farrahflosscett

  • Venue, Harbour View Events @hvevents

  • Florist, Florish Flowers & Decoration @Florishevents

  • Caterer, Caribbean Caterers @caribbeancaterers

  • Backdrop Design, Doable You @Doableyou

  • Photographer, Danielle Flowers @Amberirisphoto

  • Videographer, NichelPitts @intentional_nichel

Special thanks to the swag bag and door prize sponsors!

  • Moroccanoil

  • Shea Moisture

  • Brown and Coconut

  • Notes from Home Candles

  • Lashalytics

  • Reset Lifestyle

  • Gelat'Oh

  • Flat Out of Heels

  • Dreams UnleaSHEd

  • Grace Lee Candles

  • Elle Alise Artistry

  • Michael Lavelle

  • Dream Navigate Achieve

  • So Mixxy

  • DC Now Events

  • Howard Girl Love

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