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Welcome to Valor + Vanity. I’m so glad you stopped by to connect with me!  My name is Latavia Alise and I am licensed cosmetologist, educator, marketing professional, and creative director. I've owned Elle Alise, Hair & Makeup Artistry, LLC since 2010 and specialize in bridal, TV/Film, and editorial hair and makeup styling, with a particular interest in women of color. I provide creative consulting services for beauty and lifestyle brands across a variety of industries and am passionate about helping female entrepreneurs embrace themselves as the face of their brands.

When I was a little girl growing up with the two strongest women that I know (my Mom and big Sister), I became inspired by the beauty industry. I have always been secure in my natural abilities in hair and makeup artistry but the insecurities I had with my own appearance, kept me from my professional pursuits in the beauty industry.  In spite of my fears, I did the work to build my confidence and pursued the career of my dreams. For so long I thought that my worth was in the quality and quantity of my bookings.  Graciously, I found that no matter who was sitting in my chair, that “worthiness” couldn’t overcome the shadows hanging over me from my personal life.

From addictions to alcohol and attention, to self-sabotaging behaviors and misguided relationships, I thought God had forgotten about the dreams I had when I was a little girl.  I now know that in the midst of all that God allowed me to experience in my young adult life, He was preparing me for my dreams and the purpose He had for me all along.   

While discovering my own purpose, I realized that many women, like myself, struggled with similar limiting beliefs surrounding their value and self-worth. By honoring my passion for beauty and business, I launched Valor + Vanity, a blog and online community designed to connect women of faith by sharing stories of unfiltered courage while discovering their passion and God-given purpose.


God called me to start Valor + Vanity many years before I actually accepted the responsibility of building it.  This blog has probably seen 2 or 3 different brand developments until I finally figured out what I was supposed to be doing with my words.  While beauty has been the gateway to the life I have always dreamt of, it was my faith that gave me the courage to truly experience the life that God had planned for me and you too!


Valor + Vanity is the kickback for imperfect souls to share their perfect flaws.  A place for beauty enthusiasts to find the resources you need to live an audacious life, unfiltered and courageous, just as God intended...connect and uplift young, professional women by creating opportunities to share stories of faith and courage that inspire each of us to keep building equity and authority in our respective industries. Get comfortable, take off those lashes if you want to, and get ready to level up according to God’s will and purpose for your life.


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